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Grading service

We currently only offer the grading service for people who can bring and take back their items in person in store. Postal service will be offered later.

Quantity   Coins   Paper   Tokens
    (Soft holder)   (Hard holder)   money   (Soft holder)   (Hard holder)
1 - 9   $12.00     $14.00     $13.00     $12.00     $14.00  
10 - 36   $9.00     $12.00     $10.00     $9.00     $12.00  
37 - 99   $7.00     $10.00     $9.00     $7.00     $10.00  
100 +   $6.00     $9.00     $8.00     $6.00     $9.00  

All our prices are based on units and may be modified without prior notice. The quantity is the total quantity by item type and holder type and not the total items quantity. So if you want for example to have five coins in soft holders and five coins in hard holders, the price will be based on the quantity of five coins in soft holders at $12.00 each and five coins in hard holders at $14.00 each.

Please download, print and fill the following gradation service request form:

Gradation service request form

Next, please download, print and fill one (or more) of the following forms corresponding to the type of gradation requested:

Coins, Paper money (coming soon), Tokens (coming soon)

Important: Make sure to identify your items in 2x2 cardboard flips or envelopes. Write for example "P1-4" for the fourth item of page one of the list that you have filled. The 2x2s, envelopes or any other container in which you bring the coins will not be returned to you.

Here is what the holders look like once graded:

Soft Hard Paper money